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IVF Pregnancy

Pregnancies conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are at higher risk for having a chromosome abnormality. The chromosome abnormalities can include extra or missing chromosomes (also called aneuploidy), missing parts of a chromosome (microdeletions syndromes) or imprinting disorders if both copies of a gene come from the same parent ,instead of one copy from each parent like they are supposed to. Genetic counseling is recommended to discuss these risks.

Pregnancies conceived through IVF are also at risk for fetal cardiac abnormalities and therefore a screening fetal echocardiogram at 22-24 weeks is advised.

Obstetrical complications that can arise in IVF pregnancies include preterm labor and delivery, fetal growth abnormalities and fetal demise in uterus. At SDPC, we recommend, monthly growth ultrasounds and antenatal testing in the third trimester.